Some Moparscape commands are:
::pickup (Item ID)(quanity)
Allows you to pick up any item available on Moparscape.

Allows you to pass unwalkable boundaries(Walk through walls, walk on water, lava, etc.)

::npc (NPC ID)
Allows you to spawn an NPC in Moparscape.

::pnpc (NPC ID)
Turns you into a certain NPC.

Allows you to open your bank anywhere.

Causes you to go up one floor.(Height goes up by 1)

Causes you to go down one floor.(Height goes down by 1)

::setobject (object ID)to(changed to object ID)
this command changes one object (such as a chair) to another object (such as a rock)

::teleport #### ####
teleports you to the #### ####(the coordinates)

There are many others and if you own a server you can add new commands.

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